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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, this is attack caughtn tape when philadelphia park ranger tries to enforce the rules. >> it happened in love park. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us now, with more on the video, police want everyone to see to find these suspect. cleve, good morning. >> good morning there is happened in the afternoon, plenty of witnesses around, one of them that we spoke to, captured the fight on video, and immediately turned it over to police. to aid their investigation. >> victim of brutal attack. >> normal voice i'm tacking to you. >> spoke to "eyewitness news"
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about how it all went down. says the ranger told the skaters they couldn't stay at the park, and only took defensive posture after being repeatedly threatened. >> what led me to start recording was the fact that the kid who did the attack was getting really loud. you know, swearing at the ranger, threatening to beat him up. >> then the young man lashed out. punching, tackling, and then repeatedly kicking the park ranger in the head. his friends appear to be taunting the victim as he lay on the gown, then the skaters took off before police arrived. says when officers arrived, he showed them this video, and there were able to immediately put out description of the suspect over the raid yes. >> i figure since the police would definitely be coming at this point, that they were already called, the video would be helpful to them, and everyone else who was there that witnessed this, that was also recording, they all left after it was over. we stayed. >> police say the park randier not such any serious injuries,
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this is ongoing investigation, no word on any arrests. live in love park, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you so much. >> here is a look at some of the things happening today, as well. jury selection expected to get underway, accused of kidnapping five year old from west philadelphia kindergarten, child found the next day in a public park. >> also, a trial expected to begin today for 18 year old joshua benson. bucks county teenager accused of sexually assaulting nine girls over the past three years. and 22 year old jones faces court appearance, prosecutors say jones ran over woman twice earlier this month in north philly then left the scene. it is time for traffic and weather together. coming up on # three, katie, good morning. >> good morning, everybody, well, today is actually going toned up being decent day for us around the board overall. the further south and west you go, you might start to see couple of more clouds, but right in you we're clear,
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we're going to end one beautiful sunrise, it will be very similar to what we've seen the last kim of days. more sun, low humidity, and in general just nice. you know, yesterday of course we had few showers roll through. those have long since retreated. ended up with beautiful afternoon yesterday. storm scan3 still holding nicely here. remember we talk about dew point, also measuring the moisture content in the air. when you are measure lower dew points it, feel a will the less humid. that's what we've had for days now, low dew points, currently the dew points in the mid 50's, but the highest we get today at worse, 58. that will keeps us in the sort of pleasant to not bad zone. in other words, should be plenty decent hair day, not dealing with wind out there. good afternoon if you want to get outside, maybe eat lunch alfresco, anything like, that really good excuse for it. currently, though, i would dare say you probably want to think about maybe throwing on extra layer of fleas, or very light sweater, sweatshirt, up in allentown, look at that, flirting with the 40's,
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51 degrees, 59 even atlantic city, so for august yes, it is cool out there at the moment. but we are going to warm up to just shy of seasonable, expecting more sun than anything, across most of the board today. we should hit that daytime hyatt about 3:00 this afternoon. >> lofty to be around these laid thinks morning, i like it, i'm sure folks at home are cheered out just as well. >> schuylkill expressway, doesn't matter where you are headed not only around center city shot here around south street, but really within your western suburbs you look just beautiful. as we continue, though, that was one of the cameras, right around the area every 202, 202 looks fine. and as you will notice with the speed censors, really everywhere, looks fine this morning. fifty-three your average on 59 through the construction zone, ooh on the schuylkill, 55 on 476, also, really looking great the pa turnpike of the
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northeast extension, definately dealing with minimal problems. how much, we do have this problem in montgomery county vehicle fire at mount carmel avenue at mitchel avenue. be mindful of that. use some extra caution maneuvering around t quickly look into delaware here. ninety-five, 495, delaware, memorial bridge, all in the green. and also that goes without saying that all of our bridges, the walt whitman, the ben, the betsy, also in the green, no major problems for mass transit. natasha. >> thank you very much. well, a update now on the breaking news that we're following, this is new video this morning, as fugitive julian as ankle seen on the right held a press conference, saying he will be leaving london's ex which door embassy soon. but did not say when or why. as ankle fled to the embasy 2012 to escape extra addition to sweden where he faces zest crime allegations. as ainge also under scrutiny for classifying documents on hess website. grant dollars ref ooh gee status but british police will arrest him the second he steps
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out of the em bass. >> i also breaking this morning, tensions are reaching a fever pitch in ferguson, missouri as clashes between protesters and police turn increasingly violent overnight. now the state's governor ordering national guard troops to help restore calm to the area. cbs news correspondent susan macinnis joins us on the grounds in ferguson with more. susan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. streets her if ferguson are quiet right now. just after 5:00 a.m. here. so the second night after curfew has just been lifted. but this is very different scene than what we saw earlier this evening. last night, just hours before the curfew started, whether a day of peaceful protests deteriorated into more violence. police officers in riot gear ordered people off the streets of ferguson overnight, as a second night after mandatory midnight curfew went into effect. just hours before, authorities fired tear gas into a crowd, as protesters hurled rocks in their direction.
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>> molotov cocktails were thrown, there were shootings, loading -- looting, vandalism, and other act of violence we had to act to protect lives and property. >> resident keith smith said he was in the middle of the chaos. >> my eyes were burning. >> confrontations came a mid result of preliminary autopsy on brown's body. former new york city chief medical examiner, michael boden, told the new york times the 18 year old was shot at least six times including twice in the head. he said one bullet entered the top of brown's skull, suggesting his head was bent forward when he suffered a fatal injury. >> many people here remain angry at the officers responsible for using deadly force when they believe brown was surrendering. first son police maintain brown attacked officer darren wilson in his car, and tried to take his weapon. >> as a sign of growing federal involvement, the justice department says it will conduct its own autopsy on brown's body as soon as
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possible. because of the unrest, all schools in the ferguson school district will be closed today. now, with this violence now extending into more than a week right now, many are bonds herring it might end. some are speculate that there is not going to be peace here in ferguson, erika, until officer wilson is charged. >> susan macinnis in ferguson, thank you. meanwhile, a memorial honors victims every gun violence who have died in delaware county over the last five years. "eyewitness news", outside congregation shalome in wallingford. each of the 144 t-shirts there bears the name and age after different victim. the event was organized by the philadelphia group heeding god's call, faith-based grass roots movement to prevent gun violence. certainly the feel good story of the summer, just keeps getting better and bert. taney dragons from center city pull off amazing walk off victory in the little league
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world series. let's take you back thereto all of the action, in the sixth inning, taney down a run, spearman hits life driver. goes to the wall and left. scott scores from first, on that play, and spearman with triple to tie the game at six. then tai hits grounder short to throw sales high spearman scores the winning run and taney beats texas seven to six. >> it was awesomement even though we were down we never gave up. >> it was amazing, zion hit the well, it was team a team effort, no one person, no two people, team effort. >> the dragons had their own cheering section outside of city hall. dozens watched on big screen television. the crowd erupt intoed cheers, when taney scored the winning run, ending nail biter after game. >> it was a game that just -- the kids was playing and for the taney dragons to come
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back, in that fashion, it was meant for this day. it was meant for philadelphia to win this game. i'm elated. >> it was destiny. dragons will take on las vegas wednesday night there. also, two and zero, and look to be one of the favorites, so it could be and it should and very, very good game. congratulations to them. doing so well. >> can't help but love this team. love that they are all about the team, too, hear them in every interview. >> absolutely. >> love that. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, new concerns about ebola and why it could spread even faster. >> plus, tragedy for a man at the forefront of the ice bucket challenge. what friends are saying about him, and how he lost his own life too soon. >> and, tragedy on the tracks. when two trains collide. that's next. blank
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what caused a fatal trail clicks in northeast arkansas. says one train was northbound on single track sunday morning, when a southbound train collided with it. that crash killed two union pacific crew members, injured two others. sixty-three our traffic and weather together with katie and victoria. >> should end up being nice day. storm scan3, still quiet at the moment. all do you have do, zoom it out, seymour activity, currently underway across portions of virginia, cutting over the board near kentucky, eventually all going to at least clip our region, i think generally, you have got nice day underway here with more sun than anything. but those clouds will start to build, and thicken across delaware, with time here, maybe across portions of cape may county. now, later on tonight, i think the little disturbance
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bringing in the rainy showed awe second ago through virginia and kentucky might start to graze our avenue. so delaware, cape may county could end one quick shower, enough to dampen the roads into early tomorrow morning. but the rest of us should stay dry. even by tomorrow, i think, we're generally still keeping it quiet out there. with maybe some wet weather, but it is all confined to the west. so, we should end up with decent days both today, tomorrow, little built more humid by tomorrow, with the disturbance starting to creep ever closer, and wednesday looks like it would be our next best shot for anything widespread, probably p.m. issue as far as any showers, storms are concerned, then looks like it might be more widespread thursday, as well, friday, still the chance for few showers temperatures just shy of seasonable, victoria? >> thank you, good morning, everyone, so what you are dealing with right now is of good things, maybe headed
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in to philly. notice your ben down toward the tolls, but down toward eighth and vine, really fantastic. if you are traveling on the a southbound, starts to go pick up just slightest bit of rush approaching area of girard. earlier at 55 the southbound side of 59, dropped down to 46. still lots of green all over the map. fifty on the schuylkill, 55 on 476, and again, just great news, we did have earlier vehicle fire at mount carmel avenue maple avenue montgomery county. still working on, that be mindful if you are maneuvering around the areament speaking of shore commutes, atlantic city expressway, garden state parkway, 47, all moving real well this morning, but still early in the rush. things will definitely develop. natasha? >> thank you, so much. well, there is breaking news in today's headlines on cbs-3. missouri governor haw now ordered national guards to restore order in the community of ferguson. the police shooting after unarmed black teenager triggered violent protests since august 9th. >> and more breaking news,
6:16 am
julian ace ainge says he will leave the equidore embassy but won't say when or why. been there since 2012 to avoid extradition to sweden on sex charges. his website wikileaks released classified us documents. >> police still searching for the young people who assault add philadelphia park ranger. the ranger told the young people that skateboard something prohibited in love park. than is what precipitate that beating. we are back with you in just a moment. stay with us.
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>> host the seattle mariners at the ballpark tonight, the phils outfielder ben revere moved into second place in the nl batting raid with three hits, yesterday, in san francisco, but the giants got few more, especially when it counted and beat the phils five to two. and talking about the eagles now, shady mccoy will be back on the practice fields today after missing yesterday's work out at nova care. it is not clear why mccoy wasn't in action. the birds lost to the patriots on friday night, and coach chill kelly says the birds fell short on defense, and also, took in way too many penalties. w iever obviously clean up the penalty, turned the ball over too many times on the offensive side of the ball. we'll continue to try to see in the next two games what we
6:20 am
can do. the biggest things we have to get out of pre-season, make sure we got the right 53 degrees here as we approach the season. >> still just few months away from basketball season, but that's not stopping the sixers michael carter williams. nba rookie of the year was hosting a basketball camp in king of prussia for more than 200 young athletes. williams and the sixers opened their season october 29th, against the pacers in indianna . >> check out the anything floats regata, oh, i love. >> this it was this weekend in the florida keys. amateur both builder battle and skulled their craft to the finishing line. brought theirself propelled water craft. they built using common unthinkable household items. well, that would sing a little recall? >> unsingable? we can only hope. perfect weather for it, too.
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>> oh, i know, cute. stay with us, still ahead on "eyewitness news", it is one of philly's hottest events this summer, dinner enblanc. >> you lover saying that. >> i do. >> happening this week, tickets sold out but hey we have two free tickets to give away. and we're live with the sneak peak whatever you can expect. you do not want to miss it. that's coming up. >> ♪ >> take a look at the stunning sunrise. >> i know, i'm smiling. can you tell? >> i can. >> no sleep, but still smiling. because it is a beautiful day, everyone. and i'm here with my morning family. we're very happy you're here. >> thank you. >> back with you in just a moment. ♪
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>> just past 6:23, our traffic and weather together. morning, kate. >> i good morning, erika, should ends up being pretty nice day for us, we kick start another day f you're on vacation this week, we actually have pretty pleasant weather out there, especially if you're headed to the shore. showing virtually nothing out there. you have got barely a cloud in the sky. lovely view. comfortable, too. and even cool in some communities this morning. like places down the shore, temperatures actually dipped down to the zero's, see one loan person making their jog, walk on the beach, very quiet start, and you have got the light wave, look at that, today will be fantastic day, 81 degrees expected at the shore, uv index is also high as you might imagine, because of. that will but thankfully rip
6:25 am
countries being remains low, really can't beat. >> this even with a very modest wind, which you don't typically have at the shore a loft times up get the stiff sea breeze, will be real nice day down that way, enjoy. that will 83 in the city meanwhile, hit the mid 80s through the week, no major storms in site. but coy see shower, south of philly tonight, and then our next shot for widespread showers would commas early as wednesday. victoria? >> looks like great week. good morning, traveling out and about, still overall pretty good commute with the exception that we're starting to feel just a little bit that far rush hour heat on the schuylkill and on 95. so let's talk about it, what you are g at here, eastbound side of 76, westbound the headlights coming toward you, if you are headed in the eastbound direction, starting to build some volume approaching 476, in making your way down toward gladwynn, you know being schuylkill commuter only bound to get worse as we approach 7:00. keep that in mind. traveling on 95, also noticing a southbound so down approaching the area of girard avenue. primarily through the
6:26 am
construction zone, cottman and girard on the southbound side of 95, where we get slow. so i would anticipate that if you're headed out. six a your average 476. no problems on the pa turnpike northeast extension, lots of good news, however, watch out fortify location, booker road at laurel way. definitely something to a individual if you can this morning. let's head back to the desk. >> victoria, thank you. tragedy in massachusetts, claims the life of a man whose friend inspired the ice bucket challenge. twenty-seven year old cory griffin drowned saturday morning, after police say he dove off. lifeguard pulled him from the river but too late. friends say he loved doing good for others, and was sell batting the success of the challenge. >> we can't remember a single time cory being negative. >> always turned every situation into a positive, no matter how negative it was. and anybody that met him, 302nd after conversation with
6:27 am
him, that you made a new friend. >> now, friend say that griffin raised $100,000 for als research? support after college friend who was diagnosed in 2012. >> well now on the health watch this morning, health officials in liberia say the ebola have i russ could spread through the capitol's largest islam. angry man raided car and tee center foreign ticketed patients saturday. authorities say locals looted treatment center taking blood stained sheets and mattresses. residents were upset patients from other parts of the capitol were taken to the center. now the world health organization says it is scalp -- scaling up the international response to ebola at this point. and also it, turns out, the hpv vaccine is effective for much longer than previously thought according to researchers who vaccinated children between nine and 15, and found anti-hpv response eight years later. previous research suggested
6:28 am
that vaccine only lasted four years, humans papilio lima virus the most common std in the country recommends all children ages 11 and 12 get vaccinated. coming up in the next half hour, we have breaking news out of ferguson, missouri. see how the natioional guard has been and acted. >> plus, no love for a park ranger here at love park. beaten by a skateboarderment coming up, speak with one of the eyewitness who is captured the attack on video. >> although massive project to remove those letters from iconic center city buildingment hits hits bit after snag. why most of those letters are still up there. >> and katie and victoria return, they've got your traffic and weather together on 39's. looking liver at center city nice beautiful cloudless sky. will it stay that way? katie has the answer. we'll be right back.
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have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax.
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but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change. >> in ferguson, missouri, night every growing protest and violence prompts miss your give for to deploy the national guardment the order follows week of protests over the police involved shooting of an unarmed 18 year old. a private autopsy found michael brown was shot at least six times including twice in his head. police say they have been under assault from
6:32 am
demonstrators. multiple molotov cocktails have been thrown at police. at that time police deployed tear gas, and attempted his first crowdto stop the violenting. >> because of the unrest, all public schools in ferguson are closed today. well, so a brutal attack caught on camera, police want you to take a very good look at this video to help identify the suspects, who need to be caught. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live from love park, where things turned extremely violent in a daylight attack on park ranger out there. cleve? >> reporter: that's right. there is no skateboarding allowed in love park. but when you look along all of the concrete railings and stuff you see that there are marks from all of the skateboard that's come out here. well, on friday, when one of the park rangers tried to enforce the rules, it turned into a very violent confrontationment take a look at this video. you see that one of the
6:33 am
skateboarders begins to punch, tackle, then repeatedly kick the park ranger, when the park ranger told him that they couldn't skateboard here. we spoke with one of the eyewitnesses, who took this video, he says that he was at love park with his cousins just eating cheese steak, trying to enjoy the day, when this fight broke out. he says his first instincts was justice belief at first, then wanted to capture video to have some evidence for police. >> that was really all going through my mind, wow. and i figure that since the police would definitely be coming at this point, that they were already called, the video would be helpful for them. everyone holes was there that witnessed this, that was also recording, they all left after it was over. we stayed. >> philadelphia police stay is ongoing investigation, park ranger was not seriously hurt. no word on any arrests. live in love park, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, right now 6:33, we want our traffic and weather together. katie, hoping for some more
6:34 am
weekend wetter. >> i think we'll see pretty nice weather out there. chris it, have few showers rolled through, maybe dampen part of your sunday, overall how about it? weekend pretty darn nice. looks like we will keep that theme going yet again today. whether we start things off, we take you right on out here to "skycam 3", gorgeous blue skies. erika always calls it what robin's egg blue. so pretty. and it is looking as though generally you are going to keep more sun than anything. here's where we stands at the moment. humidity levels are technically little higher, but it doesn't really feel all that muggy outside. northerly component to the wind, will help that along. make it feel a little drier to you. 63 degrees in the meantime our current temperature at the airport, little cooler depending on location, storm sc3, also quiet, if you look closely toward baltimore, dc, you see couple of very thin clouds, starting to whoever over the areas. that is sort of sign of things to come. dow think you will ends up more than anything with sunshine here today. i would say down through delaware, maybe southern most new jersey, clipping cape may
6:35 am
county, you could start to see few clouds, daylight hours look to stay dry across the board. but then later tonight you may end one just a shower, or a quick little burst of rain, across delaware, or new jersey, than would actually come courtesy of nearby disturbance, actually helping to bring in the cloudy mentioned moment ago. overall nice day. victoria, over to you. >> i think overall we'll take. that will i like the way you put. that will overall i feel like traffic is just getting a little bit worse. not the best segway from that beautiful weather report, but we jump outside, see the cards that you're dealt with today. we look first both eastbound and westbound commute not awful. but the eastbound side is starting to build just a touch of traffic as you try to approach the area of 202, so just know. that will again, the usual spot for volume that bee see. and take a look, at some serious sun glare, 95 right around 45 #, as you maneuver through delaware county, if you are traveling northbound, notice that we're not dealing with too much volume in this section here, but sun glare will definitely slow you down,
6:36 am
just make sure to put the advise or down or put the shades on, if you are traveling on 95 you do want to watch out how far for delays in the southbound direction as you approach the area of the vine st. expressway, take a being loft we drop down to 18 miles per hour, in the southbound direction, i would say really between cottman avenue and the vine, only going to get worse. also seeing slow downs on the westbound schuylkill right around the roosevelt boulevard. then on the boulevard trying to get to 76, and definitely eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, around the area of conshohocken. also, dealing with this fire location, in montgomery county, at booker road and laurel way. so watch out for that. and also, vehicle fire location, actually, a truck, that went on fire it, has been extinct wished, however, mount carmel avenue at maple avenue still have crews on scene, so if you can this morning, just try to avoid it, no major delays however for mass transit. natasha? >> thanks, victorial us forces attacking militants trying to retake part of the largest damn. us conducted 14 strikes by air, and lands, over the
6:37 am
weekends including. s lands based bombers for the first time. released video showing fighter jets attacking planes and unmanned drones, destroying armed vehicles. personnel carriers and a check point also near the millitant controlled mozul damn. >> calls for peace reconciliation making the end every asian youth day, first to head the catholic church to visit asia in 15 years, and the first pope to visit south korea in quarter century. he will tour the philippines and sri lanka in january. happening today, the school bell rings at the first philadelphia charter school. it is the city's in the city's bridesburg section. >> this year more than 1500 students are enrolled in that school from kindergarten through tenth grade. also, it is expanding two buildings under construction. >> the removal of the letters atop the iconic center city
6:38 am
billion dollars diagnose not go exactly as planned. the letters pnb bank right there were removed by helicopter but only on one of of signs. steve patterson explains why. >> not exactly according to plan, but for the time being, the face of philadelphia, its skyline, will remain mostly intact. >> the excitement high above center city. a chopper removing the 16-foot high iconic, pnb bank letters, on top of the one south broad building. the problem, that chopper was supposed to remove all the less -- letters before noon sunday. by the afternoon, three down, nine to go. crews doing the contract work say that is lot of old heavy met tool try to take down with such a small window. when accounting for safety and re-opening traffic, they simply ran out of time. >> pretty incredible watching how they are doing this. >> still an awesome site for crowds gaizing upward, especially given the history.
6:39 am
>> dumping all the -- something always going on in the sit. >> i the bolds 3,000-pound letters have been part of the city skyline since the 1950's when the building was purchased. after being built by the wanamaker family originally designed as department store. the big pnb bank has survived decades of ownership changes, until may when it was bought yet again for 68 million bucks n july when the philadelphia historical commission ray proved the take down. >> the building it self is history, more than pnb bank. >> long time residents know about the history, they say the real treasure isn't the letters, but the building's art deck owe design and the big 17-ton founders bell underneath. so, in a way? >> this is actually a restoration, because it wasn't there as part of the building originally. so by taking it down you are restoring some of the historical per speculative of it. >> contractors will meet and decide whether or not or when they have enough time to
6:40 am
remove the rest of the letters, but that could takes weeks. >> reporting from the sat center, steve patterson, "eyewitness news". i heard a racket yet out are outside in center city, what's that? helicopter over by city hall. mystery solved. >> thanks. 6:40. have you heard of dinner end many blanc? elegant spin on pop up picnic, it is happening in philly this week. coming up we're live with a look at what you can expect, and also, we'll tell you how to score two free tickets. and word is jennifer laurence has new love interest, everyone, and he is a bit older than her, and he's also been linked to another celebrity. we'll tell you all about. that will
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>> amazing sand creations, thousands showed up for the annual sands sculpture contest, group of pros collaborated on 100-ton sculpture, depicting science fiction characters, images. the amateurs were competing for variety of gift packages, and all of the proceeds do benefit the long beach library foundation and children's hospital. very nice. and that is just incredible. >> good day, katie, to go down to the beach and try to bill your own? >> oh, yes. i challenge you to make one us a awesome as those. cool work. good excuse to maybe make your own little sand cases he will. no matter how intricate it is. great beach day, storm storm scn
6:44 am
all calm, quiet, obviously at weeder zoom, activity, stationary front, sort of lined up across virginia, and these little pieces of energy, much like this one, will sort of ride along it, so i think every single passing day, gets progressively just little less than ideal. little more or less than ideal. so today actually is real nice day. 63 degrees currently at the area port, much cooler by comparison though still very crisp, fall-like, up in mount pocono and allentown, but you may want to think about extra layer because of that up in the more remote communities. meanwhile pollen report also going to keep things somewhat unsettled here in terms of the higher levels of ragweed, nettle, chenopods, primary issues right now, levers drop off a smidge on wednesday. but they do tape at least medium to high. so just keep that in mine if you have i any major allergy issues, 83, 84 for today, tomorrow, temperatures respectfully, generally looking at some nice weather, i could see shower late tonight through delaware or cape may county then wednesday
6:45 am
next disturbance comes with disturbance for showers. thursday, friday, though, right now, look like our best shots for anything to be widespread in terms of shower or storm. well, the sun has come up. now that means the rush has come in. >> seventy-six not too far from girard avenue. notice if you are headed westbound approaching the exit here. but if you are headed in the eastbound direction, before you reach this point, you do slow down from 476 down toward gladwynn, westbound, you do run into delays approaching city avenue out through to gladwynn, as well, so the usual nuggets of traffic on the schuylkill, that you will be dealing with this morning, and look at 95. traveling southbound 95 approaching cottman, down through to the vine, you're slow. through the construction zones even slower. traveling northbound on 95, delayed as well between the vine and girard. that's as a result of the construction zones as well. speed censors look good, northeast extension however do
6:46 am
you drop down on the eastbound side of of 22 approaching 202, usual rush hour traffic there that we're hitting. and also, watch out for this fire location, in montgomery county, buick earth road and laurel way. also, few trolleys back to normal after doing track work and fixing if you will. natasha? >> thank up, victorial breaking news in today's headlines on cbs-3. missouri governor now calling for the national guard to restore order and peace in ferguson. have been violent protests errupting since the shooting of unarmed black teenager on august 9th. more breaking news this morning, julian as ainge says he is leaving the embasy london, but not when he is leaving. as ainge has been in hiding since 2012. website wikileaks released classified us documents. >> taney dragons continue their ride in williamsport. beat texas team yesterday this their last at bats. now face tough team from nef
6:47 am
adds an on wednesday. but i know they've got this. now, if you are strolling through the city this thursday, don't be surprised if you happen to walk past a pop up picnic. this isn't nip ordinary picnic, now outside the studios it tell us us of the hottest events. summer dining end blank. you fit right in there. >> thank up, been there end blank. it is a wonders full tradition we have in here in philadelphia. diners, dress up in white, and dine on some delicious food, at a secret location. that's real key here. and i think we have two ladies with us who know about that secret location, joining thus morning, our kaylee more ann and that the tash ya, tell us more about the diner enblanc. i can't do it without the terrible french accent. tell me, how did this get started first off? what can we expect this year? >> well first of tall start in the paris over 26 years ago. when the founder, he came back
6:48 am
to paris, and he wanted to meet with a group of friend. so he asked them to dress all in white and we brought this to philadelphia about three years ago. i heard about the concept out of new york. that the tanya heard about it in in montreal. our idea to bring increase in awareness of public space to people in philadelphia. >> fantastic. low cake is secret until how soon before the event? when will folks finds out? >> people are led there. there is a departure point, brought by subway or train. >> very nice, now tickets sold out so quickly this year. what do you get for the ticket? >> so the ticket is your entrance fee for the event. >> okay. >> so part that far we have a live ban, we have dj, we have music, we have photography. we have photo boot. a lot of entertainment. covers expenses, security, for the entire event. but people are asked to bring certain materials. >> all right, tables and
6:49 am
chairs? >> tables and chairs, beautiful meals provided by catering, at a pick up location, can also pick up flowers. so we make it easier. you don't have to carry everything. >> everything has to be white which i think, man, i am a messy ether, summertime dining really luck if you spill. but everything has to be white? >> it does, it does. >> very good. anything we can expect new this year? anything casino of different? >> you know what, the first few years what we are going for trying to make the connection between philadelphia and paris, so we have logan circle, the ben franklin park way, reminiscent of the fit i site. this year weigh want to highlight bring back our philadelphia roots. just really remember why we're having this event. because it is really to celebrate the city of philadelphia. >> fantastic. to thank you for classy up our parking lot. love it. laid ills there is thursday, rain or shine, we are expecting maybe some showers? >> fingers crossed. >> lane or shine. >> katie, sorry, hon, we root
6:50 am
for you to be right. but this thursday we're cheering for dry, because you're wearing while, too. common. putting us at a disadvantage here. all right, also have an opportunity for you, too, because tickets did sell out, we did snag two of them, so if you would like to attend tendinea end blanc, go to the facebook page, end their to win two tickets. that's coming up. so hopefully you can join in for all of the fun. meanwhile i'll be digging in here, bring some of these back up for you ladies, if that sounds good to you? yes? >> well, yes, sounds lovely, can't wait. thank you so muchment i'll be waiting anxiously. thanks, erika. it is 6:50 now, a lot coming up on cbs this morning, jeff lure joins us live from new york with a preview for us. good morning, jeff. >> we're in ferguson, missouri, violence he is kate dollars once again overnight.
6:51 am
bob or has back to go his sources about frustration over how local authorities are handling this investigation. he saved her life as a baby. now a police captain sees her as a beautiful bride. the emotional event 20 years ago, that made him part of her family. the news is back in the morning, see in you just about ten minutes. >> thank you so much. good morning to you. back with you in just a moment. stay with us. male announcer: the magic of the bay is waiting. coastal villages,s scenic waterways and the land of our national anthem along the star-spangled banner national historic trail. there's an adventure waiting for you in maryland. land of discovery. (vo) ours is a world of the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy.
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>> the words is neil patrick harris took his final now one very popular musical. handing other wig and make up bag from his tony award winning role in headwig and the angry inch. andrew, from hbo girls, says he's looking forward to taking over the part. won four tony awards this year. and, another couple, another nickname, everyone, jennifer laurence reportedly making up one half of martin laurence, not the comedian, as in rumor boyfriend and colds play front man chris martin, the whole thing, academy award winning actress was recently seen flirting with the rock star at cold play concert in london, courted to go e reports, the pair started dating back in june. >> also, christina aguilara
6:55 am
introduces her new baby girl summer rain to millions of fans. she gave birth in los angeles over the weekend, could not wait to tweet her excitement. she tweeted, quote, so proud to women come our beautiful daughter summer rain into the world. this is aguilara's first child with matt, six year olson from previous marriage. >> the lean mean green fighting machines are back at the top of the box office once again. teenage mutant ninja turtles earned $28 million over the weaken, bringing its two week total to just over 117 million bucks. the guardian of the galaxy came in second place with 24.7 million. the come bye let's be cops lasts all the way to third place with 17.7 million. the expendibles three debuted in fourth place earning weak 16.2 millionment rounding out top five, the giver, debuts with $12.8 million. okay, katie, just downstairs talking about dinner end blanc, hoping for wet r but we have some rain?
6:56 am
>> wet weather to track. today looks like the nicest day of the next five overall, we keep the low humidity, going to keep sunshine, let's go on out. show you bit of wider zoom on storm scan3, see the activity back through kentucky, portions of southwest west virginia, that's just little disturbance, that's generally going to stay to our south. but coy see shower perhaps later tonight through delaware or south new jersey, that means, if you are hitting up the phils game here in south philly all looks good, sun, low clouds, low 80s, very modest winds which will be starting to turn bit more southwesterly. with more of the southwesterly turning the winds it actually means it will start to feel touch more humid tomorrow. not oppressive by any means, but i do think you'll start to notice it, victoria, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, look at that smile. is that just a million dollars worthy right there? unfortunately, you are going need to keep that katie smile fresh in your head in you are jam you go on the schuylkill to sort of pick up your day, weaver disable vehicle blocking left-hand lane westbound on 76, approaching the area the area of city
6:57 am
avenue. seems to be whether this is just the pedestrian or the owner of the vehicle that's out, there regardless, this is definitely going to set you back. give yourself more time. expect few rush hour delays and the usual spots on 95 and the vine approaching the schuylkill expressway, as well. no major problems however for mass transit. >> next, more on the unrest in ferguson, missouri. what the governor is saying p how this situation has been handle. join us on the "cw phi
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is monday, august 18th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." violence spirals out of control overnight in ferguson. missouri's governor order s the national guard onto city streets. >> the battle for iraq's largest dam. charlie d'agata shows us the u.s. fire power helping beat back fighters. and a captain sees the baby he saved 20 years ago become a bride. we begin with the eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> we had to act to protect lives and property. >> the governor calls in the national guard following another night of violence in ferguson.


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